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8803 keer bezocht sinds 22 November 2011, 09:04
Naam Heardbed Heardbed
Geboortedatum 17-12-1986
Leeftijd 34
Woonplaats ????, België

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5 Maart 2013, 15:30

hello dear
How are you doing? my name is Anita, it is my pleasure to write you today.I will appreciate your friendship.I am very honest,caring,loving,I believe strongly in peace and human rights,love,music,reading and holidays etc. you can write mail to me through this email address ( i will be happy to reply you with my picture of me for future correspondence.
Hope to hear from you

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'immediately want '

Geplaatst 10 Februari 2012, 01:00

"Fag your face, who think with bed!That you by yourself sleep here good.Carefully catch cold!" Say red the face run into oneself of the room went.But stretched a head to come out from the room in others.Blunt I smiled to smile immediately take back go to.I knew them to be smile me and don't fix a somebody else.However I think still slowly etc.!Want asleep.

The second day, I drive person'gentleness'of call awake."Depend, who, is who dare so call to come to me."I jilted to jilt waterrunescape power leveling    of body and immediately after did a fire dress with the fire chemical element.Water is very quick stem.This affair which let me remind of on the earth.

"BE what's the matter with me.You saw what time.Still don't get up.You want to let you of client's etc. very last time?"The narcissus hands put a waist, hundred percent of a wife call the husband get up to go to work of appearance.

"!Almost forgot.We leave!"Said and then rush out a door to go.But everyone then shook to shake head, original call me get up to have a meal, who know me to go out while come to.Can't everyone also has to the heel went out.With quick we came right away a villa in front.Courtyard already very big, I see and can kick football all all right.Also don't know this house of host's ising not a brain to have a problem have no matter to set up a house on the such a high mountain.Although can see the light to the whole city, leave city too far.Inconvenient!"Good, here.Someone?"I toward an inside to shout a way.Then be have no a person to echo."Depend, oneself call I this time to deliver goods.Oneself but nobody.Whether play me!"I lambaste a way.

Can I just finished scold a door to open for oneself.But in the small trumpet of the flank of the door spread last time that person in the telephone of voice:"Execuse me, Mr. Lee just in time didn't open a door.Please your understanding, now please you into the living room wait for!I in a short while come right away."Say that finish and then had no voice.

"Leave!"Say that finish and then went in together with everyone.The small gold station jump around on my shoulder.The small ash then has to the station of darling is on my shoulder an on every occasion, who call his body big.Basically have no place to let him move.Our a group of people feel while entering a house inside the moon is dark.Want for sunlight."The house set up of whether have a problem?How so dark?"I sit a chair in inside in the living room to say.

"I see us or hurry to leave here good.I the rightness is here a trace of fear!"The Yu star embrace body to say.But everyone then 1 I approval of facial expression.In addition to I with should be concealed outside of the owner all think so.

"Good, I hand over a precious stone to walk, so head office!Is really of, there is necessity so timidity?"The my empress half sentence is that the small voice say.I don't want let the narcissus hear.But at this time last time that come I entrust here of the person walked down from the upstairs.

"Mr. Lee is really severe.So quick get hold of.I origin think meeting very difficulty of.So thing?"That person a stand down to come and then say me.

But then a smiling face say:"Ha ha, is that I is lucky just there.Give the precious stone which be you to want!Good, now my mission completion we also are leave."I say that call everyone leave for the preparation.

"Do not be worried!I haven't confirm isn't true.I don't be to distrust you.Besides haven't given you money!Your etc. wait a little while good."Say and then press back I to the chair.Oneself but walk to go upstairs to.Led in a short while him to walked down again."BE true, good this guerdon that is you."Say and then gave me be one Zhang Ka3.I prepare to leave after connect over the card.Can at this time door but close.

"You is this what mean?BE stay us to have supper?But also needless so!"I play trick of say.

But the appearance of the other party's can be unlike be to play trick."Who is your knowing my owner ?It be that bedlamite Doctor that you say.Ha ha, now you be a dead settle.Unexpectedly you of the precious stone be the importance parts of Doctor machine, now you send to come up to us by yourself."That person say with a smile.

Once I listen to be a bedlamite Doctor, I immediately guard a gate to break blunt go out.Everyone also followed me to come out.Once we came out the coping of house to open, immediately after be a thing with similar laser big gun.And then noodles then that bedlamite Doctor.I see him want to beat him.Two words don't say and then give he a pure energy of attack.Can my attack haven't arrived him there drive what things to absorb.

"Ha ha, you don't dream.The last time see you of attack I did behind the method an absorb use of equip.You of the attack be useless."That Doctor smile an explanation way.

But everyone's attack be also similar, what the light play, ice dragon, fire dragon the etc. had what function.The energy which connect him shielded and also don't break absorbability."Do I think whether you forgot a matter or not?Physics attack know nothing about absorbability.Has energy's drawing up a form already seen?Soil dragon Shu!"Say that finishing a ground beginning spilted open, a dragon which constitute to°from the soil appeared in our in fronts.

"Dragon, you this is what dragon?How buy runescape gold    haven't I saw?"The love benefit curious aboutly ask a way.Also don'ting see now is what circumstance.

"Under etc. go free is tell you.Soil dragon!Go to!"Say that finishing that Ultrasaurus bumped up.Although have no absorbability to drop, is still held up.But enemy at this time also beginning attack.The thing which be like big gun one shot give°ed my magic trick to defeat.The laser shotted into me after broke through the Ultrasaurus.But was blocked by me down.The enemy saw me hold up an attack beginning two time of attack.He want to use the biggest strength an attack this time.

"Everyone spread out.Arrive the protection cover biggest!Quick!"I felling arrive this time attack of severe, immediately to everyone call way.But everyone still don't didn't be understand why want to spread out, but still listenned to my words immediately start aside.But at this time the enemy's attack also beginning.A light beam of white shotted into me.My hands raise forward, pair of strength concentration and palm.My behind is a city, if let this of attack words within dozen, certain nobody live of come down.It is very quick to attack run into a my hand, have no an explosion only have I at retreat and my hand top spread of heat wave!The now enemy is still in the continuously enlargement energy, but I then a back to back again.But at this time machine because of accept to can not stand so big strength but explosion.Bedlamite Doctor is killed by explosion.Who call him be a mankind's body.So of the explosion still can let what he pay with the life.But light beam because of didn't support of the energy, 1.1 point become weak, end is offsetted by me.

"!Very hot, very hot.Again lane bottom go to familiar."I part try very hard to of go toward my hand top blow breath part shout loudly a way.

But burst upon two beauty at this time, the say of exactitude was two absolute being, because of they after death and all Zhang Zhu3 Liu4 is to the wing."BE you to let out us of?Thank you."A among those thank a way to us.

"You is who?I have never put you to come out again."I ain't understand of say.

But the love benefit then shockedly say:"Two absolute being Wang2 Hao3."Said a line still a gift.

"Ha ha, I say that being what you put be what you put.Good, forgot to introduce myself.I call the absolute being depend on son, she is my younger sister absolute being precious jade pond!"The introduction of that female way.

 Chapter 113- The ~ misunderstand a relief ~

"Elder sister, you see this person isn't our fiances?"The absolute being precious jade pond see me and then say the elder sister of flank.Drive she so a say everyone to looking at me.I then 1 face of doubt, difficult way have but with my piece of similar person?Impossible?I can fix the empress of the Lian to just change of so handsome of.Have no reason someone with my piece of similar!

" Seem to have a little to be like but we of fiance didn't he be handsome!And the hair be not aureate either!"That absolute being fly down to took a look me and flew to return to say according to son.

"Dizzy, you can not blather!I am incognizant you.Good, now we should also walk.Boon?Your station stem what?"I ain't understand they why don't walk, only collapse can with should concealed follow.The others all kneel on the ground an on every occasion.I am see two absolute being of sky.They are to have ten rightnesses of wing."You did to them what.Why do they want to kneel so!"I loudly call to them way.

But the Xuan force to say:"The absolute being is a gradation of, if the person of grade Gao the divine power release and the absolute being of the lower class have to kneel down.And they have already created a life time absolute being the absolute being king of, so even I also want to kneel down."Because the strength of the Xuan two close absolute being king, so return can talk.But others then the words all could not say.Collapse but twoer than them because of strength big just.But shoulded be concealed and then be subjected to what influence, original the mankind will not kneel down of, who call they with love the benefit ordered contract.Now had to kneel down.

"Ha ha, my am to see you be to isn't the friend who will throw down you to walk by himself[herself]."The absolute being say with a smile according to son.But flank of absolute being precious jade pond more and more affirmation I was their fiances.

"Elder sister, you don't forget and person's turning the time appearance of a life time will have a little variety.Now also don't know us drive print many long time, perhaps he turned a lot of a life time, the appearance also become not a few!"The absolute being precious jade pond explanation way.

"Dizzy, I root incognizant you isn't also your what fiance.You make wrong.Quick put my friend."I see the appearance of narcissus shout loudly a way.But the other party be the meaning which put at all.

"Whether you like this a few women or not.I see BE, strange not don't we."Moment surroundings of the temperature of air declined all of a sudden a lot of.The hair moment of absolute being precious jade pond became white.The say of exactitude is a silver white of, immediately after the sky there is snow suddenly.

"I am crazy dizzy!I want to say several times.I ain't your fiances, you make wrong.Return to have you is print by where I don't know."Is really of, exactly is how put what they come out.

"We drive father absolute being print in this precious stone.Now the strength of the precious stone once didn't, we also come out.You now be incognizant we is because of you of memory already didn't.We to help you the instauration."Say two people dynasty I fly.

Dizzy, saw them fly to come over me immediately want to escape but my friend is here and now of the temperature berunescape accounts   very low, I be afraid they persistence not how long."Small gold, you keep warm for everyone, small ash you also go to help." My order be over they empress to dynasty I fly of two people say:"Ha ha, see to me want them to the help.Tie~up a fairy rope!Go to!"Say that finishing two cordage the inside of the blunt my hand of similar thing fly, moment fly the comer to 2 to fasten tight.

"Xi Xi, you think so of the thing ability bind of live us?How possibility, I unexpectedly is the lane continuously?"Two people want to break a cordage lane but detection oneself root even move can't move.

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